Attention, adventurers! We’re excited to announce a brand new update to our game. Get ready to explore Zekra Island, where thunderstorms are always brewing and danger lurks around every corner. Watch out for powerful slimes and snakes as you climb the mountain towards the legendary Forinz Tower.

Inside the tower, you’ll face 10 enemies, each stronger than the last. These foes are members of the Forinz clan, and if you manage to defeat their leader on the top floor, you’ll be rewarded with a powerful new ability that lets you teleport between your house and your current location.

In addition to these thrilling new challenges, we’ve also added the ability to milk your cow! Simply equip an empty bottle and let her graze in your yard. And for those who missed rescuing the cow earlier, don’t worry – we’ve added a way to recruit her even if you didn’t save her before.

We’ve also fixed some bugs and made other improvements to enhance your gameplay experience. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring Zekra Island today!


-Posted update on itch.io

-Posted game on indiedb.

-Added item 076 Milk icon 575.

-Added event to use empty bottle on the cow (if you have one in your yard) to get milk.

-Added enemy Clan-member Oishi.

-Added enemy Clan-member Zuko.

-Added enemy Clan-member Rova.

-Added enemy Clan-member Ligvar.

-Added enemy Clan-member Edamame.

-Added enemy Clan-member Eka-Ban.

-Added enemy Clan-member Miktarian.

-Added enemy Clan-member Abhul.

-Added enemy Clan-pet Kondoriano.

-Added enemy Clan-leader Umbria.

-Added their slime variants.

-Added Zekra port.

-Added traveling for 100 gold from the Monkey Island to the Zekra port.

-Added event to be always stormy in Zekra.

-Added the Zekra Mountain.

-Added coal in the Zekra Mountain.

-Added slimes and snakes on the Zekra mountain.

-Fixed the cow bug exploit for infinite karma.

-Corrected some text.

-Added a way to adopt the cow even if you save it.

-Added item 077 [Ability] Homecoming icon 82. Effect: Teleport you from where you are to your house and then back.

-Added script for the ability.

-Added 10 levels on the Forinz Tower.

-Now the bovines and felines might wear some armor.

-Added Stuf Ed. Pork actor.

-Added new class Piglin.

-Added option to recruit Stuf Ed. Pork.

-Added enemy HP Bar, I think the script is from Jeremy Cannady on RPGMAKERWEB.

-Confusion is no longer removed by damage.

-Added way back to the Monkey Island.

-Fixed a teleporting bug.

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