Greetings, adventurers! We have some exciting news to share about the next update to The No-Name Project. Get ready to experience a new level of immersion and flavour in the game with the addition of several new creatures and items.

In the wild, you’ll now be able to encounter a variety of fish, including the Fantail, Giant Trevally, Angel Fish, Butterflyfish, Octopus, Turtle, Stingray, Shark, Seahorse, Dolphin, Starfish, Jellyfish, and Clam. Each of these can be cooked, and the Clam can be opened to reveal a valuable pearl – but be warned, there’s a 50-50 chance it will be destroyed instead.

As you venture deeper into the game’s caves, keep an eye out for new mushrooms that can be harvested for food and medicinal purposes. And for those looking to stock up on fuel, we’ve added a new item: Coal. Adding 5 fuel levels to your furnace, Coal is an essential resource for any serious adventurer.

In addition to the fish mentioned earlier, we’ve added a special irradiated mushroom that can either give you 100 attack points or an instant game over. The odds of success are 1 in 100, so be careful! We’ve also added a new combo skill that can be learned at Aziz, which will help you in battle.

And if you’re looking for some new allies in your adventure, we’ve added 6 new monkey corpses that can be resurrected to aid you. They’ll fight alongside you forever.

Finally, for those of you with a green thumb, you can now plant mushrooms in your yard. This is a great way to ensure a steady supply of mushrooms for your adventures.

We can’t wait for you to try out these new features and discover all the ways they’ll add depth and excitement to your gameplay experience. Stay tuned for more updates, and happy adventuring!


-Published update on itch.io

-Added item 047 Fantail icon 1606.

-Added item 048 Giant trevally icon 1607.

-Added item 049 Angel Fish icon 1608.

-Added item 050 Butterflyfish icon 1609.

-Added item 051 Octopus icon 1610.

-Added item 052 Turtle icon 1611.

-Added item 053 Stingray icon 1612.

-Added item 054 Shark icon 1613.

-Added item 055 Seahorse icon 1614.

-Added item 056 Dolphin icon 1615.

-Added item 057 Starfish icon 1616.

-Added item 058 Jellyfish icon 1617.

-Added item 059 Clam icon 975.

-Added item 060 Pearl icon 591.

-Added item 061 Coal icon 686.

-Added script open clam to receive pearl (50% chance).

-Added the Fantail, Giant trevally, Angel Fish, Butterflyfish at the pond at the farm.

-Added Octopus, Turtle, Stingray, Shark, Seahorse, Dolphin, Starfish, Jellyfish, Clam at the ocen fishing, Monkey Island.

-Added coal in various mines/caves ingame.

-Added item 062 Cooked Fantail icon 1604.

-Added item 063 Cooked Giant trevally icon 1604.

-Added item 064 Cooked Angel Fish icon 1604.

-Added item 065 Cooked Butterflyfish icon 1604.

-Added item 066 Cooked Octopus icon 1619.

-Added item 067 Cooked Turtle icon 1620.

-Added item 068 Cooked Stingray icon 1621.

-Added item 069 Cooked Shark icon 1622.

-Added item 070 Cooked Seahorse icon 1623.

-Added item 071 Cooked Dolphin icon 1624.

-Added item 072 Cooked Starfish icon 1625.

-Added item 073 Cooked Jellyfish icon 1626.

-Added coal in the fuel script.

-Added each cooking recipe at variable furnaces in the game.

-Added item 074 Mushroom icon 261.

-Added eat mushroom event.

-Added event to plant mushroom in your yard. Plant, sleep, get two mushrooms.

-Added foraging skill.

-Added the foraging skill to the skill checker.

-Added event for mushroom in the wild.

-Added mushrooms in different caves and forests.

-Added item 075 Irradiated Mushroom icon 281.

-Added event Irradiated Mushroom, 1 out of 100 chances to get 100 ATK or game over…

-Added Irradiated Mushroom in game.

-Added new skill Typhoon.

-Added new event to Abriz to teach the player Typhoon if they know Water Bomb and Tornado.

-Added various flavor text to Aziz’s house.

-Added actor Banana Peel.

-Added actor Peanut Butter.

-Added actor Coconot Cannon.

-Added actor Jungle Jim.

-Added actor Tatarzan.

-Added actor Monkey Doomed.

-Added the grave of Banana Peel to be robbed/resurrected.

-Added the grave of Peanut Butter to be robbed/resurrected.

-Added the grave of Coconot Cannon to be robbed/resurrected.

-Added the grave of Jungle Jim to be robbed/resurrected.

-Added the grave of Tatarzan to be robbed/resurrected.

-Added the grave of Monkey Doomed to be robbed/resurrected.

-Added cooking skillset.

-Added cooking in the skill checker.

-Added 3 places in which you can use your scholastic degree to read text for Archeology skill points and +5 Magic Attack.

-Added a new line to the Botanist.

-Added two new places to fish in Cave of Dusk Entrance.

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