Braviria’s College of Magic welcomes you, adventurers! We are thrilled to announce our latest update, which includes exciting new features to expand your magical abilities and enhance your gameplay experience.

First, we are introducing a new alphabet – the Heranian Alphabet – which will be used to translate files and discover ancient secrets throughout the game.

In addition, you can now train your mana to increase its potency and unlock new spells. Speaking of spells, we’ve added 25 new ones to the game, each with unique effects and properties to aid you in battle and exploration.

To test out your new magical abilities, head over to the Magic College’s training room and practice on dummies. Don’t worry – we’ve also repaired a few bugs in this area to make the experience even smoother.

With this update, we’re excited to bring you even more ways to immerse yourself in the world of The No-Name Project. Keep exploring, learning, and discovering, and we’ll continue to provide you with new adventures to embark on. Thank you for playing!

Update to

-Published update on itch.io

-Added the Braviria College of Magic.

-Fixed a lighting bug.

-Added the hallway.

-Added the Braviria College of Magic on the map.

-Added doors.

-Added port in the Braviria College of Magic.

-Added a way to get to the college.

-Added the fire classroom.

-Added Pyro and his monologue.

-Added learn fireball training.

-Added skill fire beam.

-Added learn fire beam training.

-Nerfed the MP.

-Fixed a crash that was caused by the VA we had in the script. Pointed out by 1Clef2Pieces, check him out on YT.

-Added skill fire pillar.

-Added skill fire eruption.

-Added skill Entei.

-Added state Burn.

-Completed Pyro’s event.

-Added training for fire pillar, fire eruption and entei.

-Added Fire Student 1.

-Added Fire Student 2.

-Added Fire Student 3.

-Added skill Water Ball.

-Added skill Water Spray.

-Added skill Water Pillar.

-Added skill Geyser.

-Added skill Water Bomb.

-Added doors to each classroom.

-Added events to learn the water spells.

-Added Brunhild and completed her event.

-Added new rooms in the hallway.

-Added your own room in the college.

-Added ways to go trough the hallway.

-Added furniture inside your room.

-Added meditation room.

-Added train mana script.

-Added a training room.

-Added Mr. Tanuki as a trainer.

-Added enemy Mr.Tanuki.

-Added skill Air Ball.

-Added skill Air Slash.

-Added skill Air Pillar.

-Added skill Air Bomb.

-Added skill Tornado.

-Added skill Earth Ball.

-Added skill Earth Beam.

-Added skill Earth Pillar.

-Added skill Earth Slide.

-Added skill Earthquake.

-Added teacher Dogers.

-Added full event for Dogers.

-Added Exam Room.

-Added Gomigdal.

-Added enemy Mogu.

-Added item 044, Adventure License, icon 191.

-Added Athragor and his event.

-Added skill screen for the Check Skill item.

-Added Lore class.

-Added the alphabet script.

-Added Sona.

-Added text input plugin by biud436.

-Added five phrases to be translated.

-Added item 045, Scholastic Degree, icon 191.

-Spolo can now get you into the magic college.

-Added item 046, Letter of admission, icon 192.

-Added route from Lovendale’s Port to the College.

-Added route from the College to Lovendale.

-Added exam for the college in Lovendale.

-Added students in each room.

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