Hey there!

We’re absolutely stoked to share that our first Steam version, NNP V., is hitting the shelves on the 19th! You guys have been awesome, and we couldn’t have done it without your support and patience.

Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

  • Get your game on with a whopping 100 Steam achievements (even though we’ve got way more in-game!).
  • We’ve spruced up the in-game text for a smoother ride.
  • All those old events that were bugging you? Fixed, done, and dusted.
  • For all the nitty-gritty details, check out the full scoop on NNP.MINDQUOTA.COM.

Here’s the lowdown on the latest fixes and features:

  • We’ve brought achievements to Steam, though we’re keeping it to a cool 100 for now.
  • The pesky STEAM OVERLAY bug is officially squashed.
  • Psst… ever wondered what the chickens were saying? Well, wonder no more. We’ve got that covered now.
  • Dive into some seriously spooky events with the necromancy skills in the Algaria caves.
  • Oh, and watch out for that Crafting screen glitch during your achievements spree.

And that’s not all! There’s a moon cycle event waiting for you at the Manor, plus we’ve tidied up the bouquet icon for the Sad statue.

Get ready to buckle up for an epic ride with NNP V.! Check out all the deets in our detailed changelog.

Thanks a bunch for sticking with us. Let’s make this launch one for the books!

Catch you on the flip side,


-Published the game on STEAM.
-Added achievements on STEAM, we are currently limited to 100 achievements.
-Fixed the STEAM OVERLAY bug.
-Forgot to add a chicken text if you learn how to speak with animals, rectified that now.
-Now the events that require necromancy to conquer both caves in Algaria will appear only if you know necromancy.
-While in prison you can no longer use homecomming and fly. (during the prison event in Hestos)
-Fixed some text bugs along the game.
-You can no longer use the Crafting screen when inside other screens like the Achievements one.
-Fixed some text for the Slime Sword event.
-Added the moon cycle event to the Manor.
-Fixed the bouquet icon for the Sad statue.

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