We’re thrilled to introduce the latest update to The No-Name Project! This update brings several exciting changes and improvements to enhance your gaming experience. Here’s a summary of what’s new:

Gameplay Enhancements:
  • Never miss out on an opportunity to communicate with our feathered friends – we’ve added chicken text for those who’ve mastered the art of speaking with animals.
  • Unlock your inner necromancer! Events requiring necromancy to conquer both caves in Algaria will now appear only if you possess the necessary knowledge.
  • Escape attempts from prison have become a lot trickier – you can no longer use homecoming or fly during the prison event in Hestos.


Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Updates:
  • We’ve squashed some pesky text bugs that were lurking in the game.
  • The Crafting screen can no longer be accessed while inside other screens, like the Achievements panel.
  • Text issues related to the Slime Sword event have been addressed.
  • You’ll now experience the moon cycle event in the Manor.
  • The bouquet icon for the Sad statue has been fixed.
  • Your inn stay will now reward you with the correct amount of experience and gold.
  • Orghoul of Alzaria and Adult Dragon will no longer mistakenly join your army.
  • The Magic of College first visit bug has been resolved.
  • Chop down trees with ease once you’ve reached 50 skill points in Tree-cutting.
  • You can now add all your Slime balls at once at the hidden stone event in Algaria Forest.
  • The Warrior’s Sib Reward Items are no longer eligible for sale.


New Content and Features:
  • We’ve expanded the world with the addition of Goldthera Island, complete with a special new background music (BGM) to set the mood.
  • Fishing enthusiasts, rejoice! Goldthera now features fishing events for you to enjoy.
  • Meet two new zombies on the island of Goldthera, Isman, and Deshau, and discover their stories.
  • These new characters bring with them unique weapons and armor: Isman’s Hands, Deshau’s Hands, Isman’s Legs, and Deshau’s Legs.
  • The Lone Tower on Goldthera Island offers new adventures.
  • Unearth the Demon Heart and add it to your collection.
  • Goldthera Island introduces two fresh faces, a Lich enemy, and Lovendale Quest 7.
  • Seek out the Gold Sword, a hidden treasure on Goldthera Island.
  • A new basement map in Goldthera awaits your exploration.
  • The Lich has joined the ranks of our formidable adversaries.


Visual and Technical Improvements:
  • Say hello to a new font – Ronysiswadi14-z82L3.
  • We’ve fixed the intro video freeze bug.


Mystery Unveiled:

Keep your eyes open for a new secret event!

We hope these updates will make your journey through The No-Name Project even more enjoyable. Dive into the world of Goldthera Island, face new challenges, and discover the secrets hidden within. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts on these exciting changes.

Enjoy your adventure, and stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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