Ladies and gentlemen, adventurers of the realm, we have exciting news to share about the latest update to our world! Here’s a detailed announcement of the changes that have unfolded:

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Game Engine and Visuals:

  • The very heart of our world has received an upgrade as we’ve transitioned to the latest game engine version. Alongside this, the main logo script has also been enhanced to offer you a more immersive experience.

New Explorable Areas:

  • Embark on new adventures as we unveil the Not-Atlantida Map, a mysterious land waiting to be explored.
  • Rise to the challenge as we introduce the Lowk Tower, a towering structure filled with secrets and dangers. The tower’s first floor is now accessible to all daring adventurers.

Audio Enhancements:

  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of the NotAtlantida BGM, designed to transport you to another realm.
  • For those brave enough to venture into the depths of the Lowk Tower, a new Rocket Launcher attack animation awaits.

New Weapons and Challenges:

  • Arm yourself with the formidable Rocket Launcher, a weapon of immense power marked by icon 1755.
  • Prepare for a mental challenge as the enigmatic Riddler takes residence in the Lowk Tower. Answer his ten questions correctly, and the mighty Rocket Launcher shall be yours.

New Enemies and Achievements:

  • Beware the menacing Skeleton III, which now haunts the halls of the Lowk Tower.
  • Face new trials in the Cinnaroll Plaza, where not one, but three Entities lurk, each granting Entity new powers and a transformed appearance. Prove your prowess and unlock the Entity III achievement.

Enhanced Skills and Abilities:

  • The Phoenix skill has evolved. It not only breathes life into fallen allies but also restores their health.

Space Exploration:

  • Reach for the stars with the new Space screen, allowing you to select and explore various planets in the cosmos.
  • A Space Port now stands within the Capitol Castle. With a handiwork skill of 50, you can repair the rocket and embark on interstellar journeys. Fuel it with MP and set forth into the great unknown.

New Items and Quests:

  • Discover the IRS Letter, an item marked by icon 192, which triggers an event in your Yard if you’ve conquered the Colosseum and own the Underwater Temple.
  • Dive into the mysteries of Lovendale with Quest 6, where Troy seeks a peculiar mushroom.

Achievements and UI Improvements:

  • The Achievements Room has been updated with new sections to mark your journey’s milestones.
  • Witness a visual refresh as the title screen undergoes changes, courtesy of William Ramsey’s plugin.

New Maps and Resources:

  • Explore the enigmatic Tizal Temple map, complete with an alien plant ready for harvesting.
  • Gather Alien Fruits (icon 1756) from the Alien Plant. These fruits boost HP by 25% but reduce MP by 10%.
  • Don the Bear Gloves (icon 1757) by crafting them from the harvested Alien Plant.

Snake Oil Vendor and More:

  • Encounter the enigmatic Snake Oil Vendor, whose location changes with the moon’s cycle. From Algaria Forest to Busulf Forest, seek him out and unlock the Snake Oil Vendor Achievement.

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life:

  • Witness improvements in character interactions, including fixes for Shuu’s image when speaking from behind.
  • Crafting has become more user-friendly with the addition of an exit button.
  • Explore the newly added Lab within the Tizal Temple map, offering a space for experimentation.
  • Rejoice in the healing properties of the Alien Potion (icon 1758), providing +500 HP and removing Bleeding.

Treasures in Wan-Wan Palace:

  • Delve into the opulent Wan-Wan Palace, where four deposits promise riches or challenges. Purchase a deposit for 150 gold and test your luck to earn items, gold, or perhaps nothing at all.

Homecoming Script Fixes:

  • Several improvements have been made to the homecoming script, ensuring a smoother return from your adventures.

Prepare yourselves, adventurers, for a world enhanced, expanded, and filled with more mysteries and challenges than ever before. May your journeys be grand and your victories legendary!

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