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We’re thrilled to bring you a colossal update, packed with exciting new content, fixes, and improvements that will elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of enchanting spells, challenging quests, and a plethora of upgrades. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in store:

Kapra Grove and the Power of Archaeology: Venture into the mystical Kapra Grove, a new addition to our world. Explore its hidden secrets and learn the awe-inspiring Blue Fire Ball spell. Witness the dazzling animation of Blue Fire as you unleash its power. To master this spell, you’ll need 25 Archaeology skill points, so start your research!

Entity Evolution: We’re introducing a remarkable upgrade to Entity, enhancing not only its abilities but also its size and form. Witness the evolution of this iconic character as you continue your adventures. (THE TRIGGERING EVENT WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE NEXT UPDATE, IN THIS UPDATE WE ONLY SCRIPTED THE NEW ENTITY DESIGN AND POWERS)

Lovendale Quests Unveiled: Engage in a series of captivating quests in the Lovendale region. Help John the Forest Guy find his missing frog in Lovendale Quest 1. Encounter the elusive FROG within one of John’s forest patches. Once you’ve completed the quest, watch as the frog takes up residence in John’s tent.

Achievement for Blue Fire Skill: Your mastery of the Blue Fire Skill won’t go unnoticed. We’ve added a special achievement to celebrate your newfound power.

Algaria Forest Expansion: Explore the Algaria Forest with fresh eyes, thanks to new sprites and informative signs that enhance your immersion. Discover the Hidden Groove within the forest, unlocking its secrets.

Unique Armor and Weapon Additions: Your arsenal expands with the introduction of Golden Thorn Armor (armor 76, icon 1752), providing complete immunity against Bleeding (although it’s weak against fire). The Sword Bow (weapon 76, icon 1751) makes a bold entrance, boosting your critical hit rate by 50%. Experience the dynamic Sword Bow animation during combat.

Hidden Groove Rewards: In the Hidden Groove, a statue awaits with the power to grant you either the Ice Soul Ring (armor 77, icon 1753) for Ice Immunity or the Demon Soul Ring (armor 78, icon 1754) for Darkness Immunity. Choose wisely!

Plugin Enhancements: We’ve made significant enhancements to the game’s functionality. YEP_EquipCore has been installed to address the left and right attack bug, ensuring smoother gameplay. YEP_BattleAICore makes enemies smarter, intensifying your battles.

Game Balance and Bug Fixes: We’ve raised the max stats to 999999, ensuring a more balanced gaming experience. An issue with excessive experience points has been corrected, which may result in a lower level for some players. Don’t worry; your level will balance out to reflect your actual stats.

Lovendale Quests Galore: Dive into Lovendale Quest 2, where you must provide Phin the armorer with a variety of ingots to receive a unique armor piece. Lovendale Quests 3, 4, and 5 introduce new challenges and rewards, including the Sword Bow, Handkerchief (item 200, icon 1750), and more.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these incredible updates. Your journey through this world is more immersive, challenging, and rewarding than ever before. Adventure on, brave souls!

Best regards, The Development Team

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