📢 Update Announcement!

Greetings, valiant adventurers!

Get ready for an extensive update filled with incredible additions that will further enrich your journey. Dive into new lands, forge powerful weapons, conquer mysterious challenges, and explore untamed territories. Here’s what’s in store:


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Kapra Island and its Treasures: Discover the vibrant Kapra Island, complete with a unique beehive sprite, a captivating BGM titled Kapra, and breathtaking new sprites crafted specifically for this island. Traverse through the lush landscapes adorned with statues, new trees, and remarkable scenery.

Mystical Crafting with Blueprints: Unleash your creativity with the introduction of the Bag of Blueprints (item 183, icon 209). Encounter these treasures as loot from Contract Monsters. You can now craft a plethora of new weapons using the provided blueprints at the Smith on Kapra Island. Explore the weapon possibilities with items like Lava Sword, Shark Dagger, Ice Cream Bat, Octopus Bow, Rat Flail, Crab Crossbow, Glass Axe, Pearl Gun, Shovel Claw, Bear Whip, Ice Glove, Jewelry Spear, Wheat Scythe, Sharp Stone Tiny Sword, Gold Hammer, Coal Wand, and more.

Demon Goat and the Kapra Tower: Embark on an epic quest within the Kapra Tower, ascending its 5 layers and battling new foes such as Demon General, Demon Goblin, Demon Halfling, and Demon Halfling (stronger). Conquer the tower and unlock the enigmatic Demon Goat character sprite, who can be added to your party. The guard at Kapra Town will have unique interactions if the Demon Goat joins you.

Island Life: Kapra Island flourishes with life, boasting five new houses, including House 1, House 2, House 3, House 4, and House 5. Explore the intriguing Kapra Tower and relish in the architectural marvel of the Kapra Tower. Engage in encounters with the new enemy, Demon Goat, and find them a home in your party.

Abundant Wildlife and Resources: The island’s diverse ecosystem introduces Goat Hooves (item 182, icon 1728) as a valuable resource. These hooves can be exchanged for 3LP at the Warrior’s Sib, or you can purchase them for the same price. Utilize the Goat Hooves to unlock the Goat Armor & Weapon set, enhancing your EXP gain by 13% in battles.

Crafting Enhancements: Curing bear pelts now includes a script near the waterfall. Discover the Crystal (item 181, icon 1727) in various caves and mine it using the crystal script. These resources can be exchanged at the Underwater Temple for gold. Engage in crafting new armors: Goat Ring (armor 72, icon 1730), Goat Boots (armor 73, icon 1731), Goat Shield (armor 74, icon 1732), and Goat Armor (armor 75, icon 1729).

Mysterious Mirror World: Uncover a hidden secret – the Mirror World. This realm provides a unique way to “undo” the fallout destruction. Look for clues in our first game, W.I.S.T., to reveal its location.

Additional Highlights: We’ve addressed various bugs, enhanced battle sprites for Entity, Cow, Dog, and Cat, improved sprite placeholders for items, and fixed the ability to fish while in the Mirror World. Conquer the skeletons in the Cave of Dusk and the Cave of Dzob, using them to your advantage for resource collection. Enjoy the renewed presence of slimes in the Mirror World.

Embark on an adventure like never before, as the world of gameplay expands with exciting quests, resource-rich landscapes, and dynamic weapon crafting. Your journey is boundless, and the rewards are beyond imagination.

Best regards, The Development Team

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