📢 Update Announcement!

Hello, brave adventurers!

We’re thrilled to bring you an expansive new update that addresses issues, introduces captivating characters, and presents exciting opportunities for exploration and growth. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of possibilities and challenges.


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Here are the latest changes:

  1. Script Display Text Fix: We’ve resolved the issue with missing display text in the tanning script. Now you can enjoy seamless interaction without any communication barriers.
  2. Meet Lokar: A new character sprite has entered the scene – Lokar! Get ready to engage with Lokar, who holds secrets and challenges that will test your skills and choices.
  3. Karma Adjustment by Lokar: Lokar takes center stage in a new event. If you’ve chosen to revive the Slime Emperor, entering your house will now result in a karma adjustment, setting it to -1500. Be prepared for the consequences of your actions.
  4. Crystal Discovery: Embark on a quest to unearth the mysteries of the Crystal (item 181, icon 1727). This valuable resource holds potential yet to be unlocked.
  5. Castle Skill-Tree Upgrade: Enhance your castle’s capabilities with the newly added Upgrade Underwater Temple skill in the skill-tree. Unveil new avenues for growth and prosperity.
  6. Mine Crystals in Caves: Journey into the depths of various caves and discover the mesmerizing new sprite for the Crystal. Mine these valuable crystals using the newly introduced crystal script, and reap the rewards they bring.
  7. Fishing Bug Fixes: We’ve diligently addressed bugs that affected fishing at the farm and Dusk Cave following the fallout. Your fishing experiences will now be uninterrupted and enjoyable.
  8. Underwater Temple Enhancement: The underwater temple holds even greater treasures now. Add crystals to the temple and watch your wealth grow, earning 25 gold per crystal added. Marvel at the statues depicting your likeness and encounter playful pixies that inhabit the temple’s depths.
  9. Game-Saving Bug Fix: We’ve fixed a critical bug that allowed game-saving during fast travel. Your progress is now secure and consistent.
  10. Underwater Temple Timer Fix: We’ve resolved a bug related to the timer in the Underwater Temple. Enjoy smoother gameplay without any time-related issues.
  11. Dimension 3 Teleportation Fix: An issue that allowed teleportation from Dimension 3 has been successfully resolved. The rules of travel have been restored to their rightful state.

With these comprehensive improvements, your journey through the realm becomes more thrilling and seamless than ever. Explore new horizons, interact with intriguing characters, and overcome challenges with confidence. Adventure awaits!

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