GAME 30.07.2023

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📢 Update Announcement!

Greetings, brave adventurers!

Prepare yourselves for an exciting new update, filled with fresh items, crafting opportunities, and thrilling adventures. Explore new lands, master new skills, and conquer challenging quests. Here are the latest changes:

  1. Foraging Delights: Get ready to explore various maps as we’ve added a new item, the Berry (item 177, icon 270), scattered throughout the world. Increase your Foraging skill to 25 or higher, and you can harvest 1-3 berries from the newly introduced berry bushes.
  2. Revive with Red-Gunk Potion: Introducing a life-saving elixir, the Red-Gunk Potion (item 178, icon 1721). Crafted from Red Slime Meat and Blozen-bush, this potion has the power to revive any ally with 60% of their health.
  3. Red Slime Meat: The fearsome Red Slime now drops a valuable item, the Red Slime Meat (item 179, icon 1722). Utilize this resource in various crafting recipes for added benefits.
  4. Soldier’s Knowledge: Seek out a wise soldier on the Bongo Hill, eager to share his potion-making expertise. He will teach you the art of crafting the Red-Gunk Potion, but be prepared to make critical decisions as you may choose to save or let him face the consequences.
  5. Crafting Convenience: With the Red-Gunk Potion added to the crafting table, you can now create this powerful elixir with ease. Combine your skills and resources to prepare for the toughest battles.
  6. Bear Pelt Cure: Discover a hidden script near the waterfall that enables you to cure Bear Pelts (item 180, icon 1723). Unleash the full potential of these valuable resources and craft powerful items.
  7. Bear Scarf Armor: Unleash the strength of the wild with the newly added Bear Scarf armor (armor 71, icon 1724). Discover the power it holds and the benefits it offers in your quest for greatness.

With these thrilling new additions, the world of adventure is richer than ever before. Explore, master your skills, and craft your way to victory. The possibilities are endless, and your journey is just beginning.

Best regards, The Development Team

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