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Greetings adventurers!

We are thrilled to present a thrilling new update that introduces exciting features, fixes, and intriguing events to further enrich your gaming experience. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with mysteries and challenges. Here are the latest changes:

  1. Senjuan Crater Statue Bug Fix: We’ve successfully resolved the statue bug that hindered exploration in the Senjuan Crater. Now you can freely roam this fascinating location without any issues.
  2. Nuclear Transformation: Experience a post-apocalyptic twist with the newly added Nuclear script. This script transforms every outdoor map into a fallout map, delivering a unique and immersive gameplay experience.
  3. Ashen Ruins Interior: Venture into the depths of the Ashen Ruins as we’ve added a captivating interior. Explore the ruins’ hidden secrets and uncover the ancient mysteries they hold.
  4. Destructive Power – Nuke Script: An awe-inspiring addition to the Ashen Ruins, the Nuke script awaits those who possess the skill Entei. Unlock the secrets of the temple and experience the powerful force of the Nuke script.
  5. The Yard of Fallout Event: An oversight has been corrected, and the yard has been added to the Fallout event. Immerse yourself fully in the post-apocalyptic ambiance.
  6. Slime Removal with Nuke Script: Brace yourselves for a dramatic change! Upon activation of the Nuke script, all Slimes, except the Red Slime, will be eradicated from the game world.
  7. Slime Sword Event Enhancement: We’ve made improvements to the Slime Sword event. Now, you’ll be able to see the exact number of slime balls you attach to the stone, adding a new layer of strategy to the event.
  8. House 2 in Capitol: Discover a new residence in Capitol – House 2. Inside reside two wise elders, and an intriguing event awaits those who seek their wisdom.
  9. Introducing the Rat: A new creature has made its way into the game – the Rat (item 175). Encounter these agile critters and uncover their significance in your journey.
  10. House 3 with Cat and Rats Event: If you have a cat as your companion, House 3 has a thrilling event in store for you. Chase and catch rats, then feast on them to regain health.
  11. Dimension 3 Diary: Unlock the secrets of Dimension 3 with the newly added item 176 – the Dimension 3 Diary (icon 187). Dive into its enigmatic contents and explore this mysterious dimension.
  12. Text for Dimension 3: The enigmatic dimension becomes more engaging as we’ve added descriptive text to enhance your experience.
  13. House 4 and House 5 in Capitol: Capitol’s charm grows with the addition of House 4 and House 5. Explore these residences and unravel the stories they hold.
  14. Achievements Room Update: To keep track of your accomplishments, we’ve added all the contents of this update to the achievements room. Check your progress and celebrate your achievements!

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