Game 11.06.2023

In the latest update, players can now own and manage a Pizzeria in Hator, serving various delicious pizzas such as Pizza Margherita, Pizza Carbonara, Pizza Funghi, Vegetarian Pizza, Pizza Polo, and even a unique Slime Pizza. A new underground event awaits players, where they must battle 66 demons to acquire a new ability and face off against a formidable demon lord, unlocking a questline for the upcoming week’s update. Wheat can now be planted in Lovendale Farm, either by acquiring it from Malan or by defeating the farmers. Members of the Order of Alumni have access to Dragon Stimulants for instant dragon level-ups, although these may decrease the dragon’s defence, while legitimate ones can be purchased from the Warrior’s Sib for 50 LP without any drawbacks. Additionally, a castle skill-tree upgrade allows players to personalize altars with their own faces, enhancing their kingly presence.

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Full changelog.

– Added update to indiedb and itch.
– Added statue upgrade to your Kingdom upgrade tree-skill.
– Modified every map for the statue upgrade, this was harder than I thought it would be…
– Added item 151, Wheat, icon 1698.
– Added item 152, Flour Bag, icon 1697.
– Added item 153, Dough, icon 1696.
– Added item 154, Pizza Margherita, icon 1695.
– Added item 155, Pizza Carbonara, icon 1695.
– Added item 156, Pizza Funghi, icon 1695.
– Added item 157, Vegetarian Pizza, icon 1695.
– Added item 158, Pizza Polo, icon 1695.
– Added item 159, Slime Pizza, icon 1701.
– Added frail mortar wheat to flour bag event.
– Malan can now sell wheat if you saved his cow.
– Changed the put farmers to work event a bit.
– Added a way to plant wheat at the farm after you kill the farmers.
– Added dough to crafting.
– Added wheat to flour bag in the grinder house upgrade.
– Made the prize of the wheel to be better, now it can also drop 10/5X souls.
– Added pizzeria system.
– Added all the pizzas to be craftable at the oven inside the pizzeria.
– Fixed a bug when closed the pizzeria.
– Fixed a bug where the chickens were immortal.
– Added item 160, Illegal Dragon Stimulant 1699.
– Added item 161, Dragon Stimulant, icon 1700.
– Added event for them both, the Illegal Dragon Stimulant decreased the defence of the dragon when it levels it up.
– If you join the Order of Alumni, you can buy Illegal Dragon Stimulants from Mcvilda.
– You can buy Dragon Stimulants from the Warrior’s Sib.
– Addded event in the underground 66 demons.
– Added spell 58, Demonic Surge icon 80.
– Added strong Demon Lord.
– Added event after the 66 demons in Lugia Forest.
– Hinted the next demon world update.

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