GAME 15.05.2023

Attention, adventurers! We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our game, featuring an exciting new quest that follows the completion of The Old One story, accessible from the lore room in the College of magic. Explore Algaria Forest South to uncover a hidden grave with special rewards for skilled grave-robbers. Customize your castle with two new flags from a selection of 96 unique designs, and equip yourself with powerful new bows. Prepare for captivating court events that will further enhance your gameplay experience. Happy adventuring!


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-Added update to indiedb and itch.
-Added grave for the ones who died in your yard.
-Added secret.
-Added trent to add to army.
-Added triceratops to add to army.
-Added pig to add to army.
-Added some textflavour to Shuu.
-Added way for Kin to open the gates of the Dimension 3 at the Senjuan Crater.
-Added Dimension 3 Entrance.
-Added Kobalt.
-Added Kin’s Portal in achievements.
-Fixed a grammar mistake in the tent.
-Added weapon 17, Crossbow, icon 103.
-Added weapon 18, Slingshot, icon 114.
-Added weapon 19, Composite Bow, icon 1659.
-Added weapon 20, Iron Bow, icon 1658.
-Added weapon 21, Flat Bow, icon 1662.
-Added weapon 22, Long Bow, icon 1663.
-Added weapon 23, Recurve Bow, icon 1664.
-Added weapon 24, Reflex Bow, icon 1665.
-Added weapon 25, Short Bow, icon 1666.
-Added weapon 26, Upgraded Crossbow, icon 1660.
-Added weapon 27, Upgraded Slingshot, icon 1661.
-Added those in either Lovendale or Hator based on their attack.
-Lowered the price of the Big Sword.
-Updated the strong magic to attack all enemies not just 4 random.
-Added armor 30, Pearl Earings, icon 1667.
-Added Pearl Earing to the crafting screen.
-Added Sona to continue the old one questline.
-Added underground temple Lovendale.
-Added armor 31, Rune Armor, icon 1669.
-Added armor 32, Pleyad Armor, icon 1668.
-Added continuation for the Rune Armor to Lu-Chu.
-Added way to cleanse the Rune armor.
-The war room and the mage quarters now also upgrade with the castle.
-Added text to Zola after electricity.
-Added armor 33, King’s Crown, icon 1670.
-Made triceratops big in battle.
-New hold court event to get the crown.
-Added crown event in the achievements screen.
-Fixed the digger.
-Added armor 34, Philosopher’s Stone, icon 816.
-Added Philosopher’s Stone event in Lovendale.
-Added the event in the achievements screen.
-Added event2 map and event.
-Added event hold court theater.
-Fixed the theater event.
-Added 96 flag designs.
-Added script for the flags.
-Added flags in the skill-tree upgrade.
-Added flags in the achievements screen.
-Added weapon 28, Regalia, icon 109.
-Added court event to buy regalia.
-Added court event in the achievements.

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