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Attention all players! We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our game. This update includes exciting new features and challenges that will test your skills and abilities.

Firstly, we have added a new feature of achievements that can be unlocked right from the beginning of the game, by visiting the tent near your house. Players can now earn rewards by completing various tasks and challenges.

We have also added a new dynamic event where an earthquake occurs after 200 in-game days if you sleep in your house. Be prepared for this natural disaster and its aftermath!

In addition, we have introduced new characters for you to meet and interact with. The golem in Lovendale can finally be unlocked and can become a valuable ally.

Finally, we have added a new deadly encounter in an underground village that will put your skills and strategies to the test. Be sure to equip yourself with the best gear before venturing into this dangerous territory. We hope you enjoy these new features and challenges in our game!


-Added update to indiedb and itch.
-Added Achievements.
-Added item 134, Achievements, icon 79.
-Added Achievements event.
-Fixed the upgrade walls and floors in Shang.
-Now John the Forest guy gives you Achievements.
-Added ability to kill Cryptobro.
-Fixed Dobrov’s grave.
-Added new Achievements song. (yes it is sarcastic, please treat it as a meme)
-Added change BGM in achievements room.
-Fixed the college water sounds, coming from the ocean.
-Added Earthquake entrance.
-If you know earthquake and the event wasn’t triggered yet, you can trigger it early by knowing earthquake and using it on the slab in Honshu Forest.
-Added tips for this event in the achievements map.
-If Earthquake event is not triggered it will trigger in your house when you sleep after 200 days.
-Added item 135, Newspaper #2, icon 193.
-Added event Newspaper 2.
-Added Underground map.
-Added script to jump in Underground map.
-Added skill flash, it blinds enemies or permanently give you more sight in dark areas.
-Added skill flash in the Warrior’s Sib.
-Added bats in the Underground map.
-Added weapon, Death’s Scythe, icon 1651.
-Added skill Death’s Kiss.
-Added event to sacrifice a companion.
-Added Death.
-For some reason some character didn’t have special attacks… now they do
-Made some tweaks to Death’s Kiss.
-Fixed the text of John the Forest Guy.
-Fixed the speed of guards.
-Added upgrade in the skill-tree Guards I.
-Added upgrade in the skill-tree Guards II.
-Added upgrade in the skill-tree Guards III.
-Added upgrade in the skill-tree Guards IV.
-Added upgrade in the skill-tree Guards V.
-Added funny mummy sprite from WTR, thank you very much!
-Added character Ozkhan.
-Added irongiant SV (thanks *RavenBlackbird *Base Material – byBibo)
-Added irongiant sprite thanks to hiddenone.
-Added event Orghoul of Alzaria.
-Added Alzaria.
-Added way to get into Alzaria.
-Added new underground BGM.
-Added interior in Alzaria to gain lore.
-Added eat sharp stone event.
-Added item 136, The Book of Pitell, icon 992.
-Added item 137, [Ability] Rock Hard, icon 15.
-Added add to army Ozkhan and Orghoul of Alzaria.
-Fixed bug, army cat.
-Added Conquer Zekra.
-Added Conquer Shuu.
-Added court event to make a shop in Shang.
-Added shop in Shang.
-Added in the achievements the three mushroom dreams.
-Added Cradilla character.
-Added Cradilla’s grave in Alzaria.
-Added Cradilla to add army.
-Added character Pig.
-Added character Pig in Heaven’s Tear North.
-Added pig for sacrifice material.
-Added item 138, Golden Medal, icon 314.
-Added event at the new shop to exchange the receipt for the golden medal.

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