GAME 04.05.2023

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Hi, in this new update that can be accessed from the Exam Room in Braviria’s Magic College after you gain your Adventure License, you will be tasked to save a lodge from danger! This update brings you two new craftable items, one is ice-cream the other is yogurt. Eat the souls of the Ice Spirits in order to learn Ice Magic! And my favorite… Learn more about your companion Kin, in a brand new dungeon that can be found on this winter island.


-Added update to indiedb and itch.
-Added the Island of Lugia.
-Added Lugia Forest, Lodge and the Dead-Flake Cave on map.
-Added Lugia Forest.
-Added 2 new types of trees.
-Added Gomigdal quest to send you to the new island.
-Added teleporters back and forth there.
-Forgot to add an altar in Braviria’s Magic College port.
-Added item 130, Ice-cream, icon 1650.
-You can put milk on a stone to receive ice-cream.
-Added item 131, Solidified soul, icon 65.
-Added skill Ice Ball.
-Added skill Ice Beam.
-Added skill Ice Pillar.
-Added skill Ice Slide.
-Added skill Ice Age.
-Redone the power of all magic skills.
-Added Solidified soul event to eat it in order to gain magic skills.
-Added Ice Spirit as enemy.
-Added Ice spirits in the Lugia Forest, each of them can drop up to 3 solidified souls.
-Added map lodge.
-Added map Lodge Inside.
-Added character Ronda.
-Added Backdoor in the Lodge.
-Added event Ronda.
-Added Ice Demon.
-Added Ice Demon event.
-Added ending for this quest.
-Added special background music for Ice Demon fight.
-Added item 132, Lodge Diary, icon 187.
-Added Lodge Diary event.
-Added Dead-Flake Cave Entrance.
-Added Dead-Flake Cave.
-Added Temple.
-Added Temple’s insides.
-Added Kin flashback.
-Added skill Phoenix.
-Added item 133, Yogurt, icon 211.
-Added Yogurt to crafting.

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