GAME 24.04.2023

Small update. Fixed bugs, and new Entity event to learn new skill from Shang.

-Fixed the Murder Mystery Bug.

-Added Lu-Chu to give the Algaria Manor lore.

-Added Lu-chu event with the Entity.

-Added Lu-Chu event with Dobrov.

-Fixed the icon for stones to upgrade walls and floors in Shang.

-Added Old Ruins under the Manor.

-Added entry to the old ruins.

-Added 4 pieces of alphabet check in the old ruins.

-Added “Colosseum” map.

-Added enemy Entity.

-Added event dual-wield entity.

-Fixed bug for the entity mob and event.

-Mundo insta-travel fix name.

-Added the ability to check how much fuel you have.

-Added upgrade electricity.

-Added Abriz new event.

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