GAME 14.04.2023


Capture 3Attention all players! We are excited to announce that the biggest update to our game is coming soon. This update is so massive that we have decided to split it into two parts. The first half of the update will introduce a brand new quest arc that will take you to the island of Hestos, the territory of the Kingdom of Ur. As the protagonist, you will find yourself in the midst of a classic murder-detective scene. Your task is to investigate a murder and prove your and others’ innocence. However, as you delve deeper into the mystery, you may uncover a secret cult with a nefarious plan to conquer the world. You will need to use your skills and companions to find clues and solve the mystery.

In addition to the exciting new quest arc, the second half of the update will bring even more content to the game. We are thrilled to announce the addition of 9 new ways to escape the prison, as well as two complete sets of armour and weapons that can be exchanged at the Warrior’s Sib. We have also added a new companion to assist you on your journey.

But that’s not all! The update also includes a brand-new city named Honshu, which can be accessed from Zekra. We can’t wait for you to explore all the new content that this update has to offer. Stay tuned for more details!


-Published the game on and indiedb.
-Added the Kingdom of Ur on the map.
-Added the Honshu Forest North.
-Added the City of Hestos.
-Added Bears in the bestiary. (oops)
-Added the Honshu Forest South.
-Linked the forests and Hestos.
-Added event murder in Hestos.
-Added Jail in Hestos.
-Added event to the jail.
-Added 25s timer to escape.
-Forgot to make the player go to jail…
-Added option for the prison escape -> Cow.
-Added option for the prison escape -> Fire Ball.
-Added option for the prison escape -> Earth Ball, or if Stuf Ed. Pork is in the party.
-Added option for the prison escape -> Pickaxe.
-Added option for the prison escape -> Cat.
-Added option for the prison escape -> Entity.
-Added option for the prison escape -> Luck.
-Added option for the prison escape -> Senpai Wall.
-Added item 094, Receipt, icon 192.
-Added receipt event.
-Added house nr 1 with 1/5 clues.
-Added empty bottles to steal in various houses.
-Added armor 10 Slime Ring, icon 1630.
-Added armor 11 Slime Boots, icon 1631.
-Added armor 12 Slime Shield, icon 1632.
-Added armor 13 Slime Armor, icon 1629.
-Added weapons 08 Fake Slime Sword, icon 1108.
-Added the slime set and some lore to the Exchange System, you gain the items for 100,250,500,750,1000 slimes exchanged.
-Revamped the whole magic training.
-Added armor 14 Skeleton Ring, icon 1633.
-Added armor 15 Skeleton Boots, icon 1634.
-Added armor 16 Skeleton Shield, icon 1635.
-Added armor 17 Skeleton Armor, icon 1636.
-Added weapons 09 Skeleton Sword, icon 1422.
-Added the skeleton set and some lore to the Exchange System, you gain the items for 100,250,500,750,1000 skeletons exchanged.
-Added House 2 event.
-Added car event because my wife dreamt last night about a similar bike event and I didn’t have the bike sprite.
-Added 2nd clue in a flashback.
-Added 3rd house with 3rd clue.
-Added 4th house with the 4th clue.
-Added the 5th clue to be the receipt.
-Added the 5th house.
-Added character Kin. doubles gold in battle.
-Added event in the forest for all the clues.
-Added demon lord.
-Fixed a bug regarding the followers on fast-travel.
-Added ways to travel from Zekra to Honshu.

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