Experience the ultimate in homestead living with our latest update! Build your dream home with a spacious yard and dig your own well to have access to clean water. Create your own bottles from sand, which can be looted from monkey enemies, and brew powerful potions using flower dust and bone meal. And if you’re looking to make some extra gold, visit Lovendale’s Inn where you can find work cleaning rooms. Live the life you’ve always wanted in The No-Name Project!

-Published the game on and indiedb.

-Added item 079 Slime Meat, icon 1627. +25 HP.

-Added Slime Meat to slime drops. 50% drop rate. 100% drop rate on Red Slime.

-Added yard.

-Added door for the yard through your house.

-Added well event to dig it to unlock it.

-Added upgrade option to unlock yard for 500 gold.

-Added item 080, Water bottle, icon 328. +50 HP, removes burn.

-Added item 081, Yellow Powder, icon 883.

-Added item 082, Orange Powder, icon 882.

-Added item 083, Blue Powder, icon 888.

-Added item 084, Bonemeal, icon 895.

-Added grind event to get all of those powder from plants and skull.

-Added item 085 Health Potion, icon 322.

-Added item 086 Mana Potion, icon 329.

-Added item 087 Calcium Potion, icon 333.

-Added script to brew all those potions.

-Added Alchemy skill.

-Added the grinder and potion maker in the upgrade-house option.

-Added the Alchemy skill in the skill checker.

-Added item 088 Pouch of sand, icon 208.

-Added Blow Glass on your house stove to transform the pouch of sand into an empty bottle.

-Added Pouch of Sand as a droppable 1/2 item from Monkeys.

-Added ability to clean rooms in Lovendale’s Inn to get money and experience.

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