Attention all adventurers! The latest update to our game introduces a new guild in Lovendale called the Warrior’s Sib. They offer bounties for you to hunt and exchange your loot for valuable points.

We’ve also added a jail and mausoleum to Lovendale. If you have the bodies of Malan and Anielka in your party (killed and then resurrected to be your slaves), their bodies will be confiscated and you’ll serve one year in jail. But after your time is up, you can retrieve their bodies from the mausoleum and continue a loop with the Captain taking their bodies, you serving your time, and then taking the bodies back again.

Don’t miss out on these exciting new features – start playing now!


-Published the game on and indiedb.

-Added Warrior’s Sib in Lovendale.

-Added ability to exchange 1 LP for Slime Balls. (up to 100 at once)

-Added ability to exchange 2 LP for Skulls. (up to 100 at once)

-Added slime for 1 LP.

-Added skulls for 2 LP.

-Added more info on the exchanger.

-Added item 078 Bestiary icon 79.

-Added Bestiary event to see your stats.

-Added Marty to get bounties.

-Added Red Slime bounty.

-Added Skeleton bounty.

-Added enemy bandit.

-Added bandit bounty.

-Added ability Dual-Wield to be purchased from the Sib.

-Added Victor Sant’s plugin for Dual Wield so the shield won’t be removed.

-Added mausoleum for a future event where you get arrested and Anielka and Malan get taken and buried properly…

-Added Jail in Lovendale.

-If both Anielka and Malan are in your party when you talk with the captain you might get arrested. 1 year of jail, -10 all stats.

-You can now go to the mausoleum and take back the bodies of Malan and Anielka.

-Fixed a bug that was keeping Malan’s grave from disappearing.

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