Changelog v.

  1. -Created house map.
  2. -Added door.
  3. -Added simple room to make the door useful.
  4. -Made the house smaller.
  5. -Killed three mainchars.
  6. -The door now makes a sound when you exit.
  7. -Added item and desc for 001 Branch, icon 185.
  8. -Set \c[2] to be Item Name.
  9. -Added random branches on the main map. (5)
  10. -Made a get branch event.
  11. -Add item 002 Sharp Stone, icon 288.
  12. -Added random stone on the main map. (2)
  13. -Made a get sharp stone event.
  14. -Add item 003 Axe, icon 99.
  15. -Add item 004 Log, icon 295.
  16. -Added event to cut tree.
  17. -Fixed the visual bug of the tree.
  18. -Added item 005 Crafting I, icon 79.
  19. -Added crafting recipe for Axe.
  20. -Added placeholder intro.
  21. -Fixed the crack in house bug.
  22. -Added Algaria forest.
  23. -Linked the House to the Algaria Forest.
  24. -Added John the Forest guy in his tent in Algaria Forest.
  25. -Added three plots of forest to get from John.
  26. -Added random plot selector.
  27. -Added exit from John’s tent.
  28. -Forgot to add a way to enter the tent.
  29. -Made John the Forest guy to remember that he talked to you.
  30. -Made John to remember to actually take your money.
  31. -Added name input.
  32. -Created intro movie.
  33. -Added skip intro button.
  34. -Added text to intro for the crafting.
  35. -Created South Eastern Lands.
  36. -Set \c[1] to be Place Name and Names.
  37. -Added lighting plugin, thanks Terrax.
  38. -Made the new part of the forest dark.
  39. -Added item 006 Torch, icon 213.
  40. -Added item 007 Oily Rag, icon 150.
  41. -Added oily rag to John’s shop.
  42. -Added crafting script for the torch.
  43. -Fixed the crafting script for the torch.
  44. -Created a torch script event, fire/extinguish.
  45. -Added light in the tent.
  46. -Added light effects in the house.
  47. -Set names on the map.
  48. -Added BGM music.
  49. -Made the forest darker.
  50. -Finally fixed that damn light bug in the forest and tent X(.
  51. -Populated the forest with trees, stones and branches.
  52. -Added Tree Cutting skill.
  53. -Added item 008 Skill Checker, icon 79.
  54. -Added the Skill Checker to the intro.
  55. -Added the text notification when you receive a Tree Cutting Skill Point.
  56. -Added Algaria Farm (Forest view).
  57. -Created the Algaria Forest North.
  58. -Added text for each place discoverable.
  59. -Fixed the text for the old paths.
  60. -Created the Algaria Farm.
  61. -Added chickens, no secret here.
  62. -Added “real” owner of the farm.
  63. -Added jump?
  64. -Added log, probably gonna remove it?
  65. -Added well event.
  66. -Added well map.
  67. -Created farmer m/f.
  68. -Named the farmers Anielka and Malan.
  69. -Made well scene.
  70. -Added after scene.
  71. -Added work :(.
  72. -Populated maps with trees, rocks and branches.
  73. -Added some tweaks to the well scene.
  74. -Fixed the well trigger.
  75. -Added shake screen.
  76. -Fixed the cave scene again.
  77. -Fixed the work event.
  78. -Added Karma system.
  79. -Made that the Karma can be read in the Skill Checker.
  80. -Added that the quest to give karma (that quest).
  81. -Fixed the intro to give you the Skill Checker when you don’t skip the intro.
  82. -Added lighting to the well.
  83. -Created Farm Inside.
  84. -Added Anielka there.
  85. -Added crack joke.
  86. -Added multiple events in the farm.
  87. -Added event for murder.
  88. -Added graves.
  89. -Added door to the farm and a way to exit it.
  90. -Fixed text on well event.
  91. -Added bgs to the well.
  92. -Made that the windows actually produce light.
  93. -Fixed the graves.
  94. -Made Malan to actually disappear when he dies.
  95. -Now you lose 1 karma when you cut trees from John the Forest Guy.
  96. -Added an underground area.
  97. -Added ability to sleep in beds.
  98. -Added bed in your house.
  99. -Added the ability to sleep in the farmer’s house.
  100. -Added item 009 Stone, icon 909.
  101. -Added item 010 Pickaxe, icon 216.
  102. -Added experience points to tree cutting.
  103. -Added Mining skillpoints.
  104. -Added Mining skillpoints to the Stone events.
  105. -Added Mining to Check Skill window.
  106. -Added days.
  107. -Fixed the variables of days and mining.
  108. -Fixed the variables in beds.
  109. -Added 16 characters to choose from.
  110. -Edited the intro.
  111. -Added 001Weapon, Sword icon 97.
  112. -Added 002Weapon, Oily Bat, icon 110.
  113. -Renamed the Axe into Stone Axe.
  114. -Added Oily Bat to the crafting menu.
  115. -Forgot to add battle sprites to the 16 selectable skins.
  116. -Added missing cow.
  117. -Added character 2, COW!
  118. -You can return, kill or adopt the missing cow.
  119. -Added sunlight from BallgameStudios.
  120. -Made a way to leave the cow follower at home.
  121. -Lowered the maximum HP to be more realistic.
  122. -Fixed the boulder events.
  123. -Added slime enemy.
  124. -Added item 011 Slime ball, icon 581.
  125. -Made the slime ball to be droppable 100% from slimes.
  126. -Added 12 slimes in the Forest.
  127. -Added darkness to the intro.
  128. -Changed the battlebg in the forest.
  129. -Added weapon 003 Slime Sword, icon 1108.
  130. -Added Slime state.
  131. -Added the slimerock somewhere.
  132. -Added the ability to craft the Slime Sword.
  133. -Added effect to the slimerock and added a variable call.
  134. -Fixed the Slime state that the Slime Sword gives.
  135. -Added grass in all the maps.
  136. -Added a beaver, thanks whtdragon for the sprite.
  137. -Added the Cave of Dusk entrance.
  138. -Added beavers there.
  139. -Added beaver bridge.
  140. -Added beaver bridge but out of wood.
  141. -Made the leader to appear after the events.
  142. -Fixed the bridge event.
  143. -Added Pita Mine.
  144. -Added item 012 Small-animal bone, icon 991.
  145. -Added skill Grave Robbing.
  146. -Added random bodies in the forest.
  147. -Added item 013 Gold nugget, icon 317.
  148. -Added event to pick gold veins.
  149. -Fixed the gold vein event.
  150. -Fixed a graphic bug in the Pita Mine.
  151. -Made the tunnel dark. (how did I not see this until now lol)
  152. -Added two graves to be robbed.
  153. -Added sounds to the graverobbing.
  154. -Fixed the well and work events after the massacre.
  155. -Fixed the bridge graphic bug.
  156. -Added item 014 Skull, icon 298.
  157. -Added enemy skeleton with skull drop.
  158. -Added Cave of Dusk.
  159. -Added Secret Room.
  160. -Added chests.
  161. -Reduced the life of the skeleton. F.
  162. -Fixed some text state bugs.
  163. -Added slime transformations.
  164. -Added Manor Entrance.
  165. -Added item 015 [Ability] Wood Release I, icon 121.
  166. -Added script for the Wood Release I to regrow trees for 50HP.
  167. -Fixed a tree graphic bug when using the regrowing.
  168. -Added events in the Manor Entrance map.
  169. -Added Manor.
  170. -Populated the Manor.
  171. -Added  item 016 Manor Diary, icon 187.
  172. -Added Manor Diary text (The Amorph 1/100).
  173. -Added item 017 Manor Key, icon 195.
  174. -Added Entity.
  175. -Added event to summon the entity.
  176. -Added manor diary on the map.
  177. -Added item 018 Banish Entity, icon 188.
  178. -Added Banish Entity event.
  179. -Added new grave for the key and fixed its text.
  180. -Fixed manor sunlight bug.
  181. -Made some changes to the Entity script.
  182. -Added depth to the Banish Entity event.
  183. -Added map Lovendale.
  184. -Added Earl on the map.
  185. -Added cart and made the horse neigh.
  186. -Fixed the cart and horse.
  187. -Added fast travel in between Lovendale and the Camp.
  188. -Forgot to take the money for the ride.
  189. -Added item 019 Yellow Flower, icon 184.
  190. -Made Yellow Flower script.
  191. -Added Botany skill.
  192. -Created a new BGM for Lovendale.
  193. -Added item 020 Blue Flower, icon 285.
  194. -Added item 021 Orange Flower, icon 183.
  195. -Added events for the flowers.
  196. -Populated the maps with flowers.
  197. -Added Armors Shield, Hat, Shirt, Ring.
  198. -Added Armory and Weaponry.
  199. -Added weapon 004 Bow, icon 102.
  200. -Added armory and weaponry shop events.
  201. -Added zombie Malan and Anielka.
  202. -Added event to resurrect Malan and/or Anielka.
  203. -Added Dobrov zombie.
  204. -Added event to resurrect Dobrov.
  205. -Added Inn in Lovendale.
  206. -Added sleep event in the Inn.
  207. -Added general store.
  208. -Added store in the general store.
  209. -Added random house in Lovendale.
  210. -Added events in that house.
  211. -Added Troy the Botanist.
  212. -Added the event for Troy the Botanist to unlock the Botany skill.
  213. -Added item 022 Fishing Rod, icon 112.
  214. -Added item 023 Common Fish, icon 260.
  215. -Added fishing system. Press space.
  216. -Added cat character.
  217. -Added cat event to recruit the cat or gain some karma.
  218. -Added sound to the cat.
  219. -Added the fishing rod to the general store.
  220. -Repaired all the damn flowers because I forgot to add skilpoints to all of them, rip my eyes.
  221. -Added item 024 Training Permit, icon 191.
  222. -Added training event, press space.
  223. -Added Jike the Sike to sell permits.
  224. -Fixed the Orange Flowers, for some reason (probably lack of coffee) they give blue flowers.
  225. -Added item 025 Jewelry, icon 146.
  226. -Resurecting a body now makes you to lose 50 Karma.
  227. -Created actor Zombie Marmaduke.
  228. -Added Marmaduke in Lovendale.
  229. -Added Tulsa in Lovendale.
  230. -Added event to give her jewelry.
  231. -Added special trigger if her father is resurected she will hate you.
  232. -Fixed Marmaduke’s grave.
  233. -Added Temple in Lovendale.
  234. -Added Orghoul. (sorry but I have a plan for him in the future updates)
  235. -Added the Ash Forest.
  236. -Added fireflies in the forest.
  237. -Added the witch Abriz.
  238. -Added slimes to the rest of the Algaria Forest.
  239. -Added stronger slimes in the Ash Forest.
  240. -Added Zola to tell people about the Witch.
  241. -Added event for the witch Abriz to teach you necromancy or kill her or teach you then kill her.
  242. -Added slime variants for other characters.
  243. -Added some grass in the Ash Forest.
  244. -Added the Happy God statue, 50 gold for 10 karma.
  245. -Added Cave of Dzob.
  246. -Populated the cave of Dzob with skeletons.
  247. -Added secret room to the Dave of Dzob.
  248. -Added item 026 Flower bouquet, icon 181.
  249. -Added the Sad God Statue, flower bouquet for 10 karma.
  250. -Added crafting method for the flower bouquet made out of a blue,yellow and orange flower.
  251. -Added crafting skillpoints.
  252. -Added crafting and necromancy to the check skills item.
  253. -Added the option to choose if you want something crafted, one more time before the craft.