-Published the update on

-Forgot to note that I also added the end of the event for the sick monkey.

-Added underwater temple on the map.

-Added the Underwater Temple map.

-Added temple entrance and flooded it with stones.

-Added cracks than can be filled with Stones.

-Added the handiwork skill.

-Added the handiwork on the check stats.

-Added tint event in the entrance.

-Added a coffin to sleep in it inside the temple.

-Added Temple Underground One map.

-Thanks to whtdragon now we also have tanukis.

-Added a slime variant of the tanuki.

-Added tanukis in the temple underground. You can disable them by closing a hole in the ground in the next level.

-Added the Skeleton Baron and its slime variant inside the Cave of Dusk.

-Forgot to switch off the baron.

-Made a hole to disable the tanukis by filling it with stones, but if you want them back you can always open it with a pickaxe…

-Added the Temple Bowels.

-Introducing the Algamiar Kingdom.

-Added item 042 The Book of Oliphant Judas, icon 992.

-Added event for a single time use of the book. You gain the [Ability] Wood Release I on read.

-Added a new character Bonzaza and his skeleton is right in the deepths of the temple.

-Added item 043 Deed of the Temple, icon 191.

-Added the Deed to a servant in Lovendale Temple.

-Added event from port to the underwater temple.

-Added a 2 min timer to enter the temple before drowning.

-Fixed some bugs on the temple timer.

-Added an after event to complete Spolo’s quest.

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